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Revealed: Discover our 3 Steps Process that shows How to Get Clients & Start your own Digital Agency from Scratch

In this Workshop you'll Discover our 3 Steps Process to make $3000/m possible in 90 days even if you have zero experience

By Abhit Upadhyay

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Unlock Bonuses Worth ₹7,094/-

Bonus #1

Social Media Cover Templates

Supercharge your Social Media with our Amazing Cover Templates to Impress your Clients on the First Look, this Cover Templates is Easily Editable on Canva

Bonus #2

Winning Email Script

Get Instant Access to our Winning Email Script which is just plug-and-play script to send emails and close clients on demand, this templates are designed by our copywriters

Bonus #3

Power Phone Script

Get Exact Word by Word Phone Script to Close International Clients on the go, this scripts are designed after talking to attending 500+ Meetings on Call

Bonus #4

Expense Tracker

Track all your Expense and watch it like a bird-eye view, after using this template you'll able to track all the expense of your Agency

Bonus #5

Insta-DM Templates

Easily close client through Instagram with this one and only Insta-DM Templates, just replace your company name, client name and service name and this will do the magic

Bonus #6

100+ Social Media Post

10X your Social Media reach through this Bonus, Get the Exact Post that you'll need to post in order to get clients, yes 100+ Social Media Post to Build Authority

Our Student’s Results Speak For Us

Swati Sharma

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"OMG! What a Workshop it is, Now its very easy to get clients for me, I've also learned systems and process of a Digital Agency"

Rohan Kumar

Workshop Attendees


"Wow, Abhit the man, I really like the way you explain, I'm really a big fan of you, completely worth to attend this workshop"

Prakash Jha

Workshop Attendees


"I was Freelancer before and I realised that I was charging too low but now I charge minimum $297, thanks Abhit"

Mayank Tiwari

Workshop Attendees


"The Amount of Value that Abhit gives is totally mind blowing, must attend this workshop, you'll learn lots of techniques from this workshop"

Manju Dixit

Workshop Attendees


"Loved it Abhit, you're really awesome, initially I was skeptical but after watching I can say you're a gem in this Digital Space brother"

Md. Obaid Khan

Workshop Attendees


"I invested 47 Rupees and in future I'll surely get back atleast 47 lakhs in coming years, I really blown by 2nd Technique of this Workshop"

Vijay Kumar

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i am not able to make proper team, or sometimes team member leave

i have no idea about freelancing and digital agency but i want to learn and start now

i want to make $3000+/month in 90 days withn your 3 steps process

i always get cheap clients or sometime client doesn't pay properly

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Hey, My name is Abhit Upadhyay, this workshop has already been attended by 50,000+ people online via ZOOM, our trainings and classes has been featured in Forbes and Hindustan Times

Hundreds of Success Stories has been Created Already! Now its your turn!

My Mission is to Impact 1M People so that they can live the Life of Freedom

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Frequently Asked Questions

Even if the information is available on the internet, has it changed your life? You’re still suffering the same problem, which means there’s more to the puzzle than you thought, there’s no mentor, guiding and showing you the right path, In this masterclass, you’ll discover a proven path to get Clients and Start your Own Digital Agency!

This masterclass is about transformation, not information, you’ll break your limiting beliefs that are stopping you to get clients, after attending the workshop you’ll not be the same person

Just like hundreds of people in our community has already done that after this workshop!

Sorry to say but in that case, we won’t have any options to help you, plus you’ll also lose bonuses worth ₹7,094 available only for a limited time. I am not sure If I can keep the discounted price next time. Therefore, It is best advised you register soon to avail the opportunity and one-time exclusive bonuses.

The “Digital Agency Workshop” is a 3-hours Live Value Packed Masterclass

On 8th October, Sunday

Time: 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM IST

After registration, you’ll be added to a Whatsapp group where you’ll receive the zoom link to join the masterclass an hour before.

You’ll also receive emails containing further information about the masterclass instantly after registering.

If you didn’t like this Workshop, just email us at support@abhitupadhyay.com and we will refund you a 100% of the Amount!

Yes, However it is best advised to attend the masterclass live to get the full value from the learning. If for some urgent reasons you cannot attend the masterclass live, you’ll get the recording of the masterclass on your email.

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